For those who were not able to join us for our Sunday worship,  we have posted the morning sermons so you can listen to them. Scripture is usually read from the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible or New International Version (NIV).

To request a recording of any sermon, please email or call the church office at 541.523.3533 for a CD copy.

July 2018

7/15/18 – Guest Speaker – Ryan Schwin

7/8/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “Holiness Takes Practice(s)” – (PDF: sermon notes)

(Audio is from a second source, so please excuse lower quality than normal)

7/1/18 – Our service was a community service the park and we have no audio recording.

June 2018

6/24/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “This is My Story” (PDF: sermon notes)

6/17/18 – Guest Speaker – Rev. Bryan Dyer

6/10/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “You are Now God’s People” (PDF: sermon notes)

6/3/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “Strangers in a Strange Land” (PDF: sermon notes)

MAY 2018

5/27/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “Kids are Welcome Here” (PDF: sermon notes)

5/20/18 – Work and Witness presentation

5/13/18 – Claire Cork – Mother’s Day

5/6/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “Living in Love” (PDF: sermon notes)

APRIL 2018

4/29/18 – Sean Johnson – The House of James

4/22/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “I am the Good Shepard”   (John 10:10-18) (PDF: sermon notes)

4/15/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “Open Our Eyes” (PDF: sermon notes)

4/8/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “Faith in the Midst of Doubt” (PDF: sermon notes)

4/1/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “Unwritten Endings” (PDF: sermon notes)

MARCH 2018

3/25/18 – Pastor Troy – “Everyone Loves a Parade” (Mark 11:1) (PDF: sermon notes)

3/11/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “Scandalous Grace ” (John 3:14-21)

3/4/18 – Pastor Troy Teeter – “Views of Jesus ”  (John 2:12-22)











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