New Bible Study: Perfectly Imperfect

How can someone be perfectly imperfect? Isn’t that a contradiction? The Bible is filled with stories of people with all kinds of flaws and imperfections.The astounding thing is what happens when God changes their lives. Perfectly Imperfect is about people whose true-to life stories are found in the New Testament. They are like us in many ways-confused, tempted, and often afraid, but then they meet Jesus, and their lives are wonderfully transformed.Through the character sketches in this book, we learn how God works with us. We discover something about the way God transforms us from what we are into what we can be. In these sometimes tragic and broken lives, we get a glimpse of how God renews us and remakes us into people who are perfectly imperfect.

Join us on Wednesday evenings beginning May 20, 2020 at 6:30pm. The optional book for the study is available to order from the church office for $13.